Krave Jerky

It's not every day when you find something that tastes so naughty but turns out to be so nice.  This new gourmet jerky, Krave, puts Slim Jims to shame.   The meat is surprisingly tender and super flavorful and the best part:  Each 1-ounce serving has just 90 calories and 0.5 grams of fat—along with a whopping 9 grams of protein.  (Some flavors have more than that. ) We LOVE that it's also gluten free.  Get out there and eat what you Krave.

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Krave Beef Jerky Mixed Pack (4x3.25oz)  

Better Sleep for Better Health

If one of your excuses for not working out is "I'm just too tired," it could be because you aren't getting enough sleep.  Fitness expert Michelle Loucadoux has a healthy way to beat that insomnia and get a good night's rest on this edition of Get Fit.  Now, get some rest and get to the gym!  It's the perfect way to start off the new year.

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A Balanced Workout

Let's face it.  The same old workout gets, well... old.  Fitness expert Michelle Loucadoux offers up a challenge in this week's get fit that will help amp up your fitness routine.

Learn to Burn

Wanna lose weight even faster?  Fitness expert Michelle Loucadoux shares her secret for maximum calorie burn in this week's edition of Get Fit.

Get the most out of your workout

Do you find yourself feeling weak as a kitten when you're leaving the gym or coming in from a long vigorous walk?   There's a fix for that and fitness expert Michelle Loucadoux is sharing them with you here.